Demand Controller

The Enersol Smart Demand Controllers are easy-to-operate, compact in size, cost effective meters that offer the basic measurement capabilities required to monitor an electrical installation. Characterized by their rugged construction, compact size, and low installation costs, these state-of-the-art Smart Demand Controllers are ideal for use in Industrial & Commercial installations, not for domestic use

The Enersol Smart Demand Controller offers comprehensive power and energy monitoring at the feeders and individual loads.

The Enersol Smart Demand Controllers are available in two different versions to better fit specific applications:
  • SDC51 Series
  • SDCT51 Series


Maximum demand control

Power monitoring operations.

Load studies and circuit optimisation.

Equipment monitoring and control.

Preventative maintenance.

Energy savings

- Measure efficiency, reveal opportunities and verify savings.

- Sub-bill tenants for energy costs.

- Allocate energy costs to departments or processes.

- Reduce peak demand surcharges.

- Reduce power factor penalties.

- Leverage existing infrastructure capacity and avoid over-building.

Energy availability and reliability

- Verify the reliable operation of equipment.

- Improve response to power quality-related problems.

Main characteristics

Accurate metering

The meter conforms to accuracy class 1.0 / 0.5

Easy to read display

The bright, alphanumeric, 15mm high LED display provides 3 lines for measurement values with 4 digits per line. The display auto-scales for Kilo, Mega and Giga values. Auto scrolling mode allows for easy reading.

Quick and easy installation

Setup is done through the front panel keys.

Direct connection for metering voltage inputs up to 480 Vac L-L.

Colour - coded terminal board labeling

The colour - coded label on the terminal board helps ensure accurate wiring.

Secure settings

Safeguard access to setup parameters with unique password protection.

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